2020 Game and Rules

2020 Infinite Recharge

This year’s competition, like years before, involves the battle between alliances of three teams each. This year, elements from Star Wars are combined with many of the common qualities of FIRST competitions. Using robots built by each alliance, members must collect and deliver power cells into three levels of ports, spin their control panel, and climb and balance the generator switch, all while maneuvering through the rendezvous point and the trench run.

A twist in this year’s competition is the addition of stages. There are three stages involved and the completion of these stages results in a ranking point. In order to complete stage one, bots must score nine power cells including the cells scored in autonomous, and make the transition to the teleop period. After advancing to stage two, bots must score twenty additional cells in addition to spinning the control panel three to five times; this will result in advancing to stage three. To complete the last stage, bots must score an additional twenty cells as well as spin the control panel to a color unknown to your team until your bot is on its way to the wheel. By the end of the match, if an alliance is able to hang on and balance the generator switch, a ranking point is earned. As usual, the last ranking point up for grabs goes to the winning alliance. 

Written by Alyssa, a junior on Team 126