About Team 126

Inspiring students to think critically, experiment openly, achieve goals, and find their passions. As said by lead mentor Jorge Martinez “We strive to drive change by getting involved.”

The Beginning:

A team that started in 1992 with only six high school students and a handful of mentors, Gael Force has risen in their community to provide hands-on learning of science, technology, engineering, and mathematic concepts.


FIRST Team 126 Mission Statement:
Gael Force is a non-profit organization based out of Clinton Massachusetts. The team consists of students of Clinton High School, FIRST mentors and engineers from Jabil, the community, and beyond the Clinton community. The mission of Gael Force is: To create a hands-on positive learning experience through science and technology for the youth of the Clinton Public School System.


What We Do:

In order to create a positive hands-on learning experience through science and technology for the youth of the Clinton High School system we build a competition robot during a six-week build season to complete a specific game challenge each year. Each year, March through April, we compete at district events as well as at the championship competition. After the official FIRST season is over the team also competes at off season competitions and further develops team resources (i.e. programming, prototyping, fundraising, and community outreach).

Along with building a robot the team also produces: a bi-weekly email blast to all members of the team, our preseason competition, pre-build work-shops, monthly fundraising for charities and team building activities throughout the six week build season. The team also does demonstrations in the community to market and spread awareness and passion for FIRST and Gael Force.


Our Founding Sponsor:

The Clinton robotics program is one of the original teams that started in 1992. Since then, the team continues to work in conjunction with our original sponsor NYPRO (now known as Jabil Healthcare).  Jabil Healthcare’s enthusiasm and commitment to Gael Force as well as “molding the future” has sustained the FIRST Robotics Competition in Clinton for twenty-six solid years since our inception.


Our Legacy:
Since the team’s inception in 1992, more than 800 students have participated in Gael Force since 1992. Over 700 students have continued onto higher education, of those students over 350 have majored in STEM careers. There have been seven FIRST scholarship winners from Gael Force; two full scholarships from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, one from Daniel Webster College, one from Florida Institute of Technology, one National Autodesk Scholarship winner, and one WPI Regional Scholarship.