The Great Madame Curie!

With Detroit less than a week away, the division assignments have been given out! At the Detroit Championship, there are six fields, all named after great men and women in STEM; Archimedes, Caron, Curie, Daly, Darwin, and Tesla. We’ve been placed in Curie, named after the great Marie Curie, a physicist and chemist from Poland!

In honor of Curie, here are some fun facts about one of the amazing woman who shaped science.

  1. Curie discovered the elements polonium and radium.
  2. She won a two Nobel Prizes, one for Physics in 1903, and one for Chemistry, in 1911.
  3. She graduated high school at 15 and was first in her class!
  4. Curie became the first woman to receive a PhD from a French university.
  5. In 1898, she coined the term “radioactive.”
  6. During World War I, she organized a fleet of portable X-ray machines for doctors on the front.
  7. Unfortunately, Curie’s work would become the death of her, on July 4, 1934, she died of aplastic anemia, a blood disease that is often caused by too much exposure to radiation.

We’re so excited to be able to play on the field named after Curie, her work continues to inspire us and motivate us to keep doing better.


We’ll be competing with some of the best teams from around the world, especially some of the best teams out of New England!



Fun facts on Curie brought to you by: Live Science

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